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About “Tenohira ga Katarukoto”
“Tenohira ga Katarukoto (meaning ‘what our palms speak to us’)” is our new song to support the earthquake reconstruction, in addition to “Dareka no Tameni -What can I do for someone?-,“ which has been our theme song in supporting the victims of the earthquake from 2011. This song, “Tenohira ga Katarukoto,” is AKB48 group’s way of showing what we can do, which is to make children smile. Also, by singing this song we would like to send out the message that AKB48 group will continue taking action this year to support the reconstruction of the Tohoku area.
By listening to this song, all members of the AKB48 group wishes that people around the world will think about the people afflicted by disasters. To make this happen to as many people as possible, we have decided to send out this song for free.
Please take a moment and listen to this song.

Free download of “Tenohira ga Katarukoto”(MP3)



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Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund

Donation by Credit Card

- All donations (excluding fees of financial institutions and payment service providers) will be sent to the Japanese Red Cross Society.

- Due to the nature of donation, please be informed that cancellation and change of amount will not be accepted.

- Donations can be made by units of ¥100 and ¥1,000 for credit cards.

- The maximum amount of units for one donation is 100.

- Accepted credit cards are VISA and MasterCard and JCB and AMEX.


Activities of AKB48’s Tohoku earthquake
reconstruction support project

■Started “Dareka no Tameni” Project → Opened bank account for AKB48’s Tohoku Earthquake Relief Fund

■Announced that AKB48’s “Dareka no Tameni” Project will donate five hundred million yen on March 16th, 2011.

■Announced that all profit from “Dareka no Tameni -What can I do for someone?-,” a song that can be downloaded for a limited time, will be donated.

■Donated a total of ¥617,691,133 including donations from fans and ¥500,000,000 from “Dareka no Tameni” Project that was announced on March 16th, 2011 (announced on March 15th, 2011).

■Donated ¥4,137,593 collected in a charity event at Yokohama Arena in the end of March (2011/3/29)

■Donated ¥32,255,873 collected in AKB48’s handshake event (May 16th, 2011).

■Announced that a part of the profits earned from AKB48’s CDs sold after the Tohoku earthquake will be donated.

■Donated ¥14,831,486 collected in AKB48’s events (including handshake events) held after May 17 (Announced on September 15th, 2011 ).

■With Ultraman Foundation’s donation program of sending microbuses to the Tohoku area, AKB48 sent wrapping buses of Ultraman and AKB48 (September 16th, 2011).

■Announced in a press release on September 15th, 2011, that AKB48 will continue sending support for the Tohoku earthquake reconstruction, and will donate a part of the profit for their 23rd single CD, “Kaze wa Fuiteiru.”

■Announced the donation of ¥585,259,888, a total of donation from fans, profit from CD sales, and ¥500,000,000 from the “Dareka no Tameni” project.

■“Special Performance for the Support of Tohoku Earthquake Reconstruction – ‘Dareka no Tameni’ Project- “ was held at the AKB48 Theater in Akihabara on March 11th, 2012.

Visits to the Tohoku Area (May 2011 - present)


・1st Visit: 05.22 【Ootsuchi-cho and Yamada-machi, Iwate】Mariko Shinoda, Yuko Oshima, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rino Sashihara, Rena Matsui, Sayaka Yamamoto

・2nd Visit: 06.11 【Miyako-shi and Taro-cho, Iwate】Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi, Sayaka Nakaya, Mayu Watanabe, Akane Takayanagi, Miyuki Watanabe

・3rd Visit: 07.09 【Minamisanriku-cho (Utatsu, Shizugawa), Miyagi】Tomomi Itano, Sayaka Nakaya, Aki Takajyo, Yui Yokoyama, Jurina Matsui, Nana Yamada

・4th Visit: 08.27 【Watari-cho and Yamamoto-cho, Miyagi】Sae Miyazawa, Asuka Kuramochi, Rino Sashihara, Aki Takajo, Akari Suda, Sawako Hata

・5th Visit: 09.24 【Karakuwa-cho and Nishiyahata-cho, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi】Atsuko Maeda, Yuki Kashiwagi, Reina Fujie, Sumire Sato, Shiori Kaneko, Kanon Kimoto

・6th Visit: 10.22 【Komorebi no Furu Oka Yugakukan, and Ishinomaki-kita Senior High School Iinogawa, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi】Haruna Kojima, Shizuka Oya, Rino Sashihara, Misaki Iwasa, Manatsu Mukaida, Shiori Ogiso

・7th Visit: 11.13 【Kyu Yahagi Elementary School, Yahagi-cho, Rikuzen Takata-shi Iwate】Atsuko Maeda, Mariko Shinoda, Sae Miyazawa, Reina Fujie, Moeno Nito, Karen Iwata

・8th Visit: 12.25 【Kashima Junior High School and Manyo Fureai Center, Kashima-ku, Minami Souma-shi, Fukushima】Haruna Kojima, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rino Sashihara, Mariya Nagao, Suzuran Yamauchi, Miori Ichikawa


・9th Visit: 01.28 【Tagajo-shi, Miyagi】Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi, Sayaka Akimoto, Sakiko Matsui, Mina Oba, Haruka Shimazaki

・10th Visit: 02.26 【Shiogama-shi, Miyagi】Minami Minegishi, Tomomi Kasai, Aika Ota, Asuka Kuramochi, Rie Kitahara, Aki Takajo, Haruka Kodama

・11th Visit: 03.28 【Natori-shi, Miyagi】Tomomi Itano, Mayu Watanabe, Yui Yokoyama, Miyu Takeuchi, Shiori Nakamata, Karen Iwata, Sakura Miyawaki

・12th Visit: 04.22 【Kamaishi-shi, Iwate】Atsuko Maeda, Mariko Shinoda, Haruka Katayama, Ami Maeda, Rena Kato, Juri Takahashi, Natsumi Matsuoka

・13th Visit: 05.27 【Onagawa-cho, Miyagi】Haruna Kojima, Ayaka Umeda, Yuka Masuda, Yuki Kashiwagi, Rie Kitahara, Rina Kawaei, Yuko Sugamoto

・14th Visit: 06.09 【Ofunato-shi, Iwate】Sayaka Akimoto, Yuko Oshima, Miku Tanabe, Misato Nonaka, Yui Yokoyama, Yuka Tano

・15th Visit: 07.15 【Iwaki-shi, Fukushima】Tomomi Itano, Tomomi Kasai, Sae Miyazawa, Rino Sashihara, Mariko Nakamura, Natsuki Kojima

・16th Visit: 08.20 【Souma-shi, Fukushima】Minami Minegishi, Mayu Watanabe, Amina Sato, Shihori Suzuki, Wakana Natori, Ayaka Morikawa

・17th Visit: 09.15 【Tanohatamura, Shimoheigun, Iwate】Minami Takahashi, Natsumi Matsubara, Haruka Nakagawa, Chisato Nakata, Rie Kitahara, Mika Komori

・18th Visit: 10.08 【Oshika-ku (Ayukawa Hama) , Miyagi】Sayaka Akimoto, Ayaka Umeda, Yuko Oshima, Haruka Shimada, Maria Abe, Tomu Mutou

・19th Visit: 11.24 【Shinchi-machi, Fukushima】Moeno Nito, Ayaka Kikuchi, Yui Yokoyama, Karen Iwata, Juri Takahashi, Ryoka Oshima, Meru Tashima

・20th Visit: 12.15 【Koriyama-shi, Fukushima】Tomomi Itano, Minami Minegishi, Rina Chikao, Mina Oba, Mariya Nagao, Nana Fujita, Chihiro Anai


・21st Visit: 01.13 【Shichigahama, Miyagi】Mariko Shinoda, Reina Fujie, Sakiko Matui, Haruka Shimazaki, Rina Izuta, Rina Kawaei

・22nd Visit: 02.17 【Iwanuma-shi and Higashi Matsushima-shi, Miyagi】Haruna Kojima, Rie Kitahara, Misaki Iwasa, Anna Iriyama, Marina Kobayashi, Nao Furuharta

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Otsuchi-cho, Iwate】Yuko Oshima, Asuka Kuramochi, Mayumi Uchida, Ayaka Kikuchi, Miyu Takeuchi, Tom Mutou

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Yamada-machi, Iwate】Shizuka Oya, Yui Yokoyama, Rina Kawaei, Wakana Natori, Juri Takahashi, Rena Matsui

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Rikuzen Takata-shi, Iwate】Mariko Shinoda, Sayaka Akimoto, Misato Nonaka, Ami Maeda, Maria Abe, Anna Iriyama

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Kamaishi-shi, Iwate】Minami Takahashi, Ayaka Umeda, Miku Tanabe, Haruka Nakagawa, Moeno Nito, Mariya Suzuki

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi】Aika Ota, Haruka Katayama, Yuki Kashiwagi, Sumire Sato, Shihori Suzuki, Sayaka Yamamoto

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Watari-cho, Miyagi】Tomomi Nakatsuka, Aki Takajyo, Sakiko Matsui, Mariya Nagao, Yuuka Tano, Jyurina Matsui

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Onagawa-cho, Miyagi】Mayu Waatanabe, Reina Fujie, Misaki Iwasa, Haruka Shimazaki, Natsuki Kojima, Haruka Kodama

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Tagajyo-shi, Miyagi】Haruna Kojima, Kana Kobayashi, Rino Sashihara, Mika Komori, Karen Iwata, Ryoka Oshima

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima】Minami Minegishi, Rie Kitahara, Miho Miyazaki, Mina Oba, Suzuran Yamauchi, Miyuki Watanabe

・23rd Visit: 03.11 【Iwaki-shi, Fukushima】Tomomi Itano, Tomomi Kasai, Sae Miyazawa, Amina Sato, Haruka Shimada, Rena Kato

・24th Visit: 04.13 【Nihonmatsu-shi and Namie-cho Fukushima】Tomomi Kasai, Yuki Kashiwagi, Haruka Ishida, Suzuran Yamauchi, Rena Kato, Wakana Natori

・25th Visit: 05.19 【Miyako-shi, Iwate】Sayaka Akimoto, Ayaka Umeda, Natsumi Matsubara, Mayu Watanabe, Mika Komori, Marina Kobayashi, Mio Tomonaga

・26th Visit: 06.22 【Matsushima-machi, Miyagi】Rie Kitahara, Misaki Iwasa, Ayaka Kikuchi, Mina Oba, Rina Kawaei, Yuuka Tano

・27th Visit: 07.28 【Kuji-shi, Iwate】Tomomi Itano, Haruka Shimazaki, Haruka Shimada, Mariya Nagao, Maria Abe, Yuuka Tano

・28th Visit: 08.31 【Okuma-machi, Fukushima】Minami Takahashi, Rie Kitahara, Rina Chikano, Ayaka Kikuchi, Rena Kato, Natsuki Kojima

・29th Visit: 09.14 【Yamada-machi, Iwate】Mariya Abe, Anna Iriyama, Wakana Natori, Jyuri Takahashi, Rena Matsui, Kaori Matsumura

・30th Visit: 10.06 【Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima】Ayaka Umeda, Rie Kitahara, Aki Takajyo, Karen Iwata, Nana Okada, Mako Kojima, Miki Nishino

・31st Visit: 11.09 【Oshima, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi】Mayu Watanabe, Yui Yokoyama, Rina Izuta, Ayaka Morikawa, Yukari Sasaki, Ryoka Oshima

・32nd Visit: 12.22 【Sendai-shi, Miyagi】Yui Kashiwagi, Sumire Sato, Mina Oba, Haruka Shimazaki, Miori Ichikawa, Karen Iwata


・33rd Visit: 01.11 【Iwanuma-shi, Miyagi】Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi, Rina Kawaei, Yuuka Tano, Moe Aigasa, Ayana Shinozaki

・34th Visit: 02.09 【Ofunato-shi and Rikuzentakata-shi, Iwate】Yuki Kashiwagi, Haruka Shimazaki, Anna Iriyama, Saho Iwatate, Yuiri Murayama, Mako Kojima

・35th Visit: 03.11 【Miyako-shi, Iwate】Minami Minegishi, Yuki Kashiwagi, Mayu Watanabe, Asuka Kuramochi, Reina Fujie, Mina Oba, Anna Iriyama, Miori Ichikawa, Rena Kato, Mako Kojima, Yuria Kizaki, Kaori Matsumura, Miru Shiroma, Nana Yamada, Natsumi Matsuoka, Sakura Miyawaki

・35th Visit: 03.11 【Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi】Ayaka Umeda, Yuuko Oshima, Aika Ota, Ayaka Kikuchi, Ami Maeda, Mariya Nagao, Rina Kawaei, Karen Iwata, Yuuka Tano, Tomu Mutou,Jyurina Matsui, Akane Takayanagi, Akari Suda, Kei Jyonishi, Miyuki Watanabe, Chihiro Anai

・35th Visit: 03.11 【Soma-shi, Fukushima】Rie Kitahara, Rino Sashihara, Aki Takajyo, Sumire Sato, Haruka Shimazaki, Mariko Nakamura, Suzuran Yamauchi, Yui Yokoyama, Jyuri Takahashi, Kanon Kimoto, Nao Furuhata, Sayaka Yamamoto, Fuuko Yagura, Madoka Moriyasu

・36th Visit: 04.20 【Sanriku Tetsudou,Kamaishi-eki and Sakari-eki, Iwate】Mayu Watanabe, Rie Kitahara, Yuuka Tano, Moe Aigasa, Ryoka Oshima, Mako Kojima

・37th Visit: 05.18 【Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi】Minami Minegishi, Sizuka Oya, Yui Yokoyama, Shinobu Mogi, Nana Owada, Mion Mukaichi

・38th Visit: 06.28 【Yamada-machi, Iwate】Rie Kitahara, Maria Abe, Moe Aigasa, Rena Matsui, Akane Takayanagi, Kaori Matsumura

・39th Visit: 07.28 【,Oshima, Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi】Mayu Watanabe, Shizuka Oya, Rina Izuta, Rina Hirata, Nana Owada, Saya Kawamoto

・40th Visit: 08.24 【,Ojika, Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi】Miyu Takeuchi, Natsuki Kojima, Yuuka Tano, Natsuki Uchiyama, Mayu Ogasawara, Chiori Nakanishi

・41st Visit: 09.21 【Iwaki-shi, Fukushima】Miyu Omori, Yukari Sasaki, Nana Okada, Mako Kojima, Miki Nishino, Kasumi Mougi, Yuria Kizaki

・42nd Visit: 10.23 【Ojiya-shi, Niigata】Haruna Kojima, Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi, Mayu Watanabe, Haruka Shimazaki, Rena Kato, Jyuri Takahashi, Tomu Mutou, Ryoka Oshima,Nana Okada, Miki Nishino, Nana Owada, Mion Mukaichi, Saya Kawamoto, Shiori Sato, Yuria Kizaki

・43rd Visit: 11.30 【Yamamoto-machi, Miyagi】Minami Minegishi, Yui Yokoyama, Karen Iwata, Yuiri Murayama, Mion Mukaichi, Saya Kawamoto

・44th Visit: 12.21 【Koriyama-shi, Fukushima】Miku Tanabe, Mayu Watanabe, Yuuka Tano, Tomu Mutou, Megu Taniguchi, Chiori Nakanishi


・45th Visit: 01.15 【Kobe-shi, Hyogo】Yuki Kashiwagi, Yui Yokoyama, Morita Ayaka, Nagano Serika, Nanami Yamada, Eriko Jyo

・46th Visit: 02.21 【Shichigahama-machi and Tagajyo-shi, Miyagi】Juri Takahashi, Mako Kojima, Nana Owada, Mion Mukaichi, Yuria Kizaki, Akari Sato

・47th Visit: 03.11 【Miyako-shi, Iwate】Rie Kitahara, Yui Yokoyama, Haruka Komiyama, Saya Kawamoto, Yui Yokoyama, Kaori Matsumura, Sayaka Yamamoto, Mio Tomonaga

・47th Visit: 03.11 【Kamaishi-shi, Iwate】Minami Takahashi, Aika Ota, Rena Kato, Tomu Mutou, Nana Okada, Nanami Sato, Akari Suda, Kei Jyonishi

・47th Visit: 03.11 【Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi】Rino Sashihara, Haruka Shimazaki, Karen Iwata, Saho Iwatate, Miki Nishino, Akari Sato, Akane Takayanagi, Nagisa Shibuya

・47th Visit: 03.11 【Minamisanriku-cho, Miyagi】Sae Miyazawa, Yuki Kashiwagi, Aki Takajyo, Ryoka Oshima, Yuiri Murayama, Hijiri Tanikawa,Miru Shiroma, Madoka Moriyasu

・47th Visit: 03.11 【Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima】Asuka Kuramochi, Mariya Nagao, Mako Kojima, Nana Owada, Kasumi Mougi, Jyurina Matsui, Fuuko Yagura, Sakura Miyawaki

・47th Visit: 03.11 【Soma-shi, Fukushima】Haruna Kojima, Jyuri Takahashi, Ayano Umeda,Tsumugi Hayasaka, Rena Matsui, Mayu Ogasawara, Miyuki Watanabe, Natsumi Matsuoka

・48th Visit: 04.26 【Koryo-cho, Fukushima】Shizuka Oya, Rie Kitahara, Manami Ichikawa, Seina Fukuoka, Akari Sato, Kasumi Mougi

・49th Visit: 05.24 【Yamada-machi, Iwate】Minami Minegishi, Maria Abe, Wakana Natori, Karen Iwata, Miki Nishino, Haruka Komiyama, Nanami Sato

・50th Visit: 06.21 【Onagawa-cho, Miyagi】Rie Kitahara, Yui Yokoyama, Tomu Mutou, Ryoka Oshima, Nana Owada, Saya Kawamoto

・51st Visit: 07.22 【Otsuchi-cho, Iwate】Minami Minegishi, Ami Maeda, Natsuki Kojima, Moe Goto, Mayu Ogasawara, Chiyori Nakanishi

・52nd Visit: 08.20 【Kesennuma Oshima and Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi】Mayu Watanabe, Rena Kato, Saho Iwatate, Ryoka Oshima, Nana Okada, Miyabi Iino, Akari Sato

・53rd Visit: 09.20 【Yamada-machi, Iwate】Maria Abe, Haruka Komiyama, Nanami Sato

・54th Visit: 10.12 【Yamamoto-machi, Miyagi】Yuuka Tano, Mako Kojima, Haruka Komiyama, Ami Yumoto, Yuria Kizaki, Moe Goto

・55th Visit: 11.21 【Joso-shi, Ibaraki】Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi, Mayu Watanabe, Miho Miyazaki, Aki Takajyo, Yui Yokoyama, Rena Kato, Karen Iwata, Tomu Mutou, Shinobu mogi, Megu Taniguchi, Mion Mukaichi, Yuria Kizaki, Moe Goto, Rin Okabe, Hitomi Honda

・56th Visit: 12.19 【Kesennuma-shi, Miyagi】Natsuki Kojima, Jyuri Takahashi, Tomu Mutou, Mako Kojima, Miki Nishino, Mayu Ogasawara

・56th Visit: 12.19 【Ofunato-shi, Iwate】Natsuki Kojima, Jyuri Takahashi, Tomu Mutou, Mako Kojima, Miki Nishino, Mayu Ogasawara


・57th Visit: 01.31 【Minamisoma-shi, Fukushima】Nana Fujita, Jyuri Takahashi, Shinobu Mogi, Haruka Komiyama, Mion Mukaichi, Saya Kawamoto

・58th Visit: 02.28 【Ishinomaki-shi, Miyagi】Shizuka Oya, Miho Miyazaki, Rena Kato, Natsuki Kojima, Nana Owada, Yuria Kizaki

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