Super long distance category

Super long distance category
We would like to announce the application procedures for the “Super long distance category” which we have recently informed you about.

A maximum of six people will be allowed per stage. Your seats will be assigned in the first row on the right side block of the stage.

[Application Guide]
1.Applications are accepted by email from one month prior to the show.
   (We ask you to declare the duration of visit in Japan and your desired teams at this time.)
2.Once the show schedules have been determined, information on specific times and dates will be made available to the winners via email. (Please be informed that we cannot guarantee seats to the stage of your desired dates.)
3.Winners may pick up tickets at the information counter inside the venue on the day of the performance.

[Application Procedures]
Applications are accepted by email from one month prior to the show.
<Email address> sfar@akb48.co.jp
<Subject> Your duration of visit in Japan
<Body> Your name / Country of origin (or your country of residence) / Your desired stage dates (indicate all dates)
(Applicants must provide details of all people accompanying them on their behalf.)

Sample email:
<Subject> September 1 - September 21
<Body> 王 偉/中華人民共和国 / Team A & Trainees

<Subject> September 15 - September 30
<Body> JAMES SMITH / USA / Team K & Team B & SDN48
ROBERT JOHNSON / USA / Team K & Team B & SDN48

- Only one application per person allowed.
- In the event your desired performances are not held, you may be assigned to another stage depending on the availability of seats.

[Application Eligibility]
● Those residing overseas that have visited Japan within the last month. (Passports will be checked for proof.)
● Those that can pay for their tickets in Japanese yen on the day of performance.
● Those that can be contacted via email while in Japan.

We eagerly await your applications.
Thank you.






「正文」王 伟/中华人民共和国/Team A・研究生

「正文」JAMES SMITH/America/Team K・Team B・SDN48
ROBERT JOHNSON/America/Team K・Team B・SDN48